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Hubei Academy of Fine Arts teachers and students to take part the Wuhan City image of the logo design

Date:2013-04-23 11:18:16 Hits:2584
A (trainee Reporter Hu Xuexuan) Concert hometown, Psalms Hwanghak, Uprising gunfire, nine provinces, what is the most representative in Wuhan city elements? Recently, the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in organizational design faculty held a forum, Wuhan City image of the logo designfor selection for discussion.
Teachers, Wuhan city very rich in content, including history, culture, Concert hometown, Hwanghak Psalm, two rivers and three towns, Bird in legend; also includes a warm and enterprising spirit, such as Uprising gunfire, pioneers, the pursuit of excellence; Wuhan is the geographic center of the traffic center. To express these things, was not an easy thing to do.

Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Design Department, Wu Ping, said: "design or doing or thinking 'less is more' philosophy in which areas there. Designers must do subtraction, to Wuhan city connotation LOGO unfolded form. "

Hubei Academy of Fine Arts students and teachers have individual or a team to participate in work design. Design Graphic Design Yuan, director of the Department of the hill is one of them. He has a team of seven people and a few friends, the basic idea of the ongoing identification system. He said: "We are locals and very willing to contribute to the city. Wuhan is in a process of rapid development, her brand at this time should be able to play a huge role we hope to design Wuhan a good brand system. "

The Wuhan urban image of the logo call for entries will close on October 31. The initial evaluation by experts, the public voted, after the re-evaluation of experts, will ultimately determine the selected program.

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