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Ningbo City image of the logo designers: works introduced the world to Ningbo

Date:2013-04-23 11:17:13 Hits:2251
The image of the city of Ningbo Logo Collection triggered widespread concern. As of yesterday afternoon, the organizing committee has received nearly 200 various kinds of works, which, from the outside, Zhejiang sent to the region accounted for more than half. To appreciate these works, gives the first impression is that the designer, regardless of the level, but pieces of works are full of the kindness of Ningbo.
Ningbo is a soft and lacking in the tough city

Dazzling works, a man named Liu Yang of Shanghai designer, his work caught the attention of reporters. Screen, a few pens colossal ship is ready to sail the ocean scene. Along the vessel in the port encrusted Ningbo city flower Camellia, firmness and flexibility, the overall shape is booming not a lack of passion and graceful.

Telephone contact to the author, the words of Liu Yang revealed the true meaning of "always think Ningbo is the traditional sense of the rivers and lakes, bridges people, has a gentle and graceful woman and a quiet and comfortable life, but the past few years I've been Ningbo, I think the development of Ningbo really was quick, ship, port, people marvel. "

In many works, the reporter learned that, although many designers did not come Ningbo, With grandparents Oral and information on the network, they also designed a lot of very good identification, such as Henan Cheng, the family has been Ningbo business, he had never come to Ningbo, but the reporter saw he designed the logo, Emotion powerful calligraphy, bright impressionistic picture, albeit "Imagine Ningbo, but own some poetic.

Ningbo colorful works tell the world

The Ningbo University students Liouying breath design a logo. His work looks like a man with open arms to embrace the earth, theme open vast mood. Even better, he designed the logo "Colorful Ningbo" as the theme of the seven red orange yellow green blue purple, different colors meaning different occasions. He explained to reporters, Ningbo is a colorful city, in this city every day to see the different colors, rising red sun, Country tracts of rape, cleaners aunt wearing orange clothing beautify the city, as well as marine flying seagull. He said he just wanted to tell the world works: Ningbo is a colorful city.

Reporter FAN Hong trainee reporter Su Jun Tian
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