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The new logo will be the new fly Electric refurbishment of stores across the country

Date:2013-04-23 11:16:49 Hits:1915
China's economy SHANGHAI, Sept. 25 News (Reporter Wu Kai Wang Jianfeng) fly Electric has released its new brand name and logo to open its first major brand transformation. The new logo will be retained the the new fly Chinese characters and company names.

Hong Leong Asia CEO Mr. Ruan Jianping stressed that the rebranding not only the brand LOGO change, not just to identify the combination of design, attitude, personality, including customer experience and expectations. Fully reflect the heritage of the company in terms of quality, technological innovation, credibility. A word, it is a promise. He said the new fly the current focus of the work should be developed on the basis of "Famous Chinese Trademark" become a globally recognized appliance brand. This brand is built on the heritage on the basis of quality, innovation, integrity, bring value to customers and comfortable feeling, bearing in mind the social and environmental responsibility.

Ruan Jianping announced the new fly the name of the new logo "Frestec" and brand positioning, "pursuit can easily cope with the important things in life pragmatic consumers, the new flight is one such raw household electrical appliances manufacturers, production years of deep expertise, and follow the high standards of quality and durability and we are committed to anticipate and meet the diverse needs of you and your family, when your life gradually changed, we will work with you to grow together, gives you confidence, make better decisions every day for you and your family. "

Ruan Jianping, establish brand value, excellent quality and product innovation will continue to be the focus of the new fly, making maximum use of the domestic and foreign markets growing market opportunities. In early 2013, the new flight will launch the new season products designed by top international design company, to enhance product value for our customers, and brand, product innovation, organizational structure, and development of human resources to do a step further capital investment. We plan for R & D and product design to establish an innovation center in Taicang. This innovative center will support to fly the new product design and development plans. The new flight will also tap new talent, the introduction of a talent management programs, carried out in collaboration with institutions of higher learning technology research and development and internship program.

Day, new fly Electric released its new website and e-commerce website ( over the same period. Ruan Jianping stressed the need for better access to consumers, so that consumers comfortable sitting at home will be able to get the best products and services. Meanwhile, the new fly the Sina microblogging ( / frestec), to establish a good relationship with consumers through product innovation, promotions, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to win prizes. In the next few months, the new flight will be the refurbishment of stores across the country with a new identity, family-like consumer experience and atmosphere for consumers.
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