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Li Ning children\'s clothing completion of the new image of the new logo "gorgeous turn"

Date:2013-04-23 11:16:22 Hits:2082
March 2012, Li Ning Group held a press conference officially announced investment in Li Ning Group and funded Tianjin Wide cat Children's Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: W cat) will be the exclusive sole responsibility for independent operators Li Ning children's products business and commitment to use new image to provide consumers with the highest quality children's sports products. Li Ning Group For more conducive to the operation and management of the new business, create a of Tianjin Li Ning Investment Management Limited, established Investment Management Limited's investment in Tianjin Li Ning Li Ning brand children's clothing Children's Products Co., Ltd. of Tianjin Wide cat. As a wide cat has a strong background of the shareholders at the same time the formation of brand operation independent professional team, not only can effectively use the powerful resources of Li Ning, also make the width of the cat obedience the Li Ning overall strategic intent, so that the the Li Ning children's clothing to walk the road of Chaoyang .
Li Ning Group involved in the field of children's clothing since 2010, after nearly three years of exploration and growth, it is not only to provide the market with a number of high-quality products, but also accumulated a wealth of experience in the field of children's clothing. In 2012, Li Ning Group will take into account the differences with management of Lawlandee, the safety of products and increase product movement properties, decided to terminate Lawlandee 3 years of cooperation, strong dry-team line-up by a group organization and personally professional sports children's clothing brand company funded the establishment of the operation and management of the Li Ning brand children's clothing, Children's Products Co., Ltd. of Tianjin wide cat. Li Ning Group will also provide support at all levels of the professional resources, management resources and hardware in the near future, the Li Ning brand quality resources in R & D and design and patented technology will soon be used in children's sports category, which will greatly improve Li Ning children's clothing market competitiveness.

Li Ning brand children's clothing will no longer continue to use Li Ning classic LOGO, the Li-Ning Kids and Li Ning brand children's clothing flag is for standard Li-Ning and Li Ning logo based and increase colorful childlike, KIDS words Li Ning brand children's clothing cute, playful characteristics, the new logo Li Ning logo installed more uniform in overall brand continuity while enabling consumers to better identify the return of new products, "Li Ning produced" .

Li Ning brand children's clothing English logo

Li Ning brand children's clothing Chinese identity

Released debut in the new LOGO, the new Li Ning brand children's clothing stores also terminal progressive completion of gorgeous, the new image extended Li Ning large fitted the style of the sixth-generation on the basis of the child elements, which store more lemon yellow main background sporty props, display and orderly planning, the rhythm of the cartoon image of the characters use many new elements, and completely enhance the properties of Li Ning brand children's clothing movement.

Li Ning brand children's clothing new products adhering to the Li Ning brand has always been the movement of genes, mainly for children ages 5-12 crowd, advocate the use of focused care of the safety and health of the children's sports grow, and strive to provide sports protection clothing for children and improve the performance of children's sports. At the same time, Li Ning, children's clothing also focus on product safety and quality the Li Ning children's clothing will be screened in the production of raw materials, use of technology, process design, production supervision, production monitoring, terminal services all aspects of strict control, guarantee and in the interests of the parents of security and comfortable stringent standards for children and parents can count on high-quality products.

Li Ning brand children's wear Li Ning Group and Tianjin Wide cat children and Products Co., Ltd. of operators, re-integration and optimization of the market channels, and strive to better serve the new batch has authorized resellers will adopt a "unified authorization, unified new identity, unified store image, unified service training "humane support Lining Jiang market resources will also be new contracted dealer as the core, different levels of support and maintenance to the stores at all levels, the Li Ning brand children's clothing dealers in the channel more competitive.

I believe Li Ning brand children's clothing in the Li Ning Group's strong brand equity support, the new store image, the new channel model in the field of children's clothing will lead to a new boom.
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