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State-run New Hotel (formerly Canal Family Resort) renovation and expansion project - logo signs tender notice

Date:2013-04-23 11:16:08 Hits:1724
Beijing Kitay Bridge Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. commissioned by the Beijing State-run New Hotel Management Co., Ltd., is China New Hotel (formerly Canal Family Resort) renovation and expansion project - identification signs for public tender. Invites potential bidders to participate in the tender.
1 Project Overview
1.1 Project Name: State-run New Hotel (formerly Canal Family Resort) renovation and expansion project - logo signs
1.2 Tender: Beijing China New Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
1.3, the scope of the tender: State-run hotel interior, external identification signs.
1.4 Project Location: Tongzhou District, Beijing
1.5 Source of funds: government investment
1.6, the amount of investment: approximately 56 million
2, potential bidders eligibility requirements
2.1 Where registered in the People's Republic of China, with independent legal personality of bidding units: (This project does not accept the tender)
2.2 unit of qualification: business scope includes design, production;
2.3 the bid limit the number of: choose the best seven enterprises to participate in the bidding;
3, the bidder registration and purchase documents
The 3.1 bid registration: potential bidders on the morning of October 22 to October 26, 2012 from 9:00 to 11:00, 14:00 to 16:00 (Beijing time, the same person to tender, except holidays) agency Office for registration (address see Contact).
The 3.2 qualification: the tender only qualification of potential bidders for review. Potential bidders to bid registration should bring: a copy of a business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, the legal representative (or authorized client) identity cards, power of attorney (or more certificates are required to provide a copy of the official seals 1 set the record). Only give qualified bidders to purchase tender documents, tender documents purchased until further notice.
3.3 Selling Bidding Documents: Tongzhou District, Beijing, Hu Avenue 78 Capital Trade Centre, 2604,2605

4, Contact
Bidding agency: Kitay Bridge Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
Address: Tongzhou District, Beijing Hu 78 Main Street Capital Trade Centre, 2604,2605
Contact: Zhang Ping
Tel: (010) 89526942-612
Postal Code: 101100
October 22, 2012
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